CMAC-THYSSEN, a leader in underground mining


CMAC-THYSSEN is not a name that means much to most residents of Québec—unless they happen to live in a mining community or work in the mining industry. However …


In the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, the CMAC-THYSSEN mining group is the third largest employer, and also the largest employer to be headquartered in the region, at Val-d’Or.


1995: Claude MacDonald founded CMAC. The new company established its base in Malartic and became known as a drill manufacturer.

Over the years, the company increased the range of its activities and became both a manufacturer and a mining contractor. Its clients were based in Québec, and later in Ontario and Western Canada. The mining group is also present in Africa and South America.

A mine equipment manufacturer and leader in underground mining

CMAC-THYSSEN manufactures and markets the drills used to drill the holes needed for rock blasting operations.

One example is the CMAC SPLH II drill, a hydraulic or electric drill used for production and ground support work in underground mines. Its distinguishing feature is its positioning table (patented by CMAC-THYSSEN) that facilitates handling. This is innovation no. 41 out of 100 innovations that have left their mark on the mining industry.

CMAC has also developed a “zero gravity” handling arm that can be seen at work in this video.

A mining contractor

CMAC-THYSSEN is also a mining contractor able to install underground infrastructures or perform rock excavation work. “We do everything,” says Luc Guimond, “from mine site preparation to mine closure.”

The company offers industrial engineering and construction services, and even helped build the Laval metro line and the La Romaine 4 power station.


International activities

After making its mark in Québec and Ontario through its work with major mining corporations, CMAC-THYSSEN set its sights on Africa and South America, where it sells equipment and expert knowledge, and also offers turn-key solutions for mining projects.

In Morocco, Luc Guimond mentions that this company has helped modernize the mining industry. “We use our mining projects to introduce new working methods,” he explains. “We help mechanize operations and improve safety for workers.”

CMAC-THYSSEN exports roughly 45% of its production worldwide.

A high-performance management system

Another key CMAC-THYSSEN advantage is the system it uses to manage its activities, which has been developed and implemented over the years. The system is based on four elements:

  1. Workplace health and safety
  2. Work quality
  3. Equipment
  4. Productivity

“If one of the first three elements is missing,” Luc Guimond points out, “there will be no productivity. It’s as simple as that.”

Last, CMAC-THYSSEN has set up its own training school. “Each year we reinvest around 6% of our payroll in employee training,” says Luc Guimond. “This is a lot, but the results we get encourage us to continue.”

It seems clear that major mining corporations recognize the excellence of CMAC-THYSSEN’s work. Its contracts with most of these corporations involve the launching of a new mine project, the installation of its management system and equipment, and the achievement of maximum productivity. “Once everything has been road-tested, we hand the project over to the client,” Luc Guimond concludes.

The CMAC-THYSSEN mining group has over 700 employees, and this number could grow in 2017 according to its CEO, Luc Guimond.



  • Mine equipment manufacturer
  • Mining contractor
  • Region: Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • Head office: Val-d’Or
  • Employees : +700 (2016) and growing


The information contained in this fact sheet comes from public, verifiable sources.