Community guidelines

The following conditions will be upheld in order to create an environment which encourages healthy and constructive dialogue:

Users must treat others, as well as the moderators and administrators with respect. Abusive and disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. Similarly, potentially false or non-substantiated comments that could harm the reputation of another party are not allowed.

Balanced, civil and courteous
Since we aim for constructive debate, we ask those who participate on the platform to remain balanced, civil and courteous. Although this platform is a virtual environment, you should always keep in mind that it is a public space. Do not hide behind your virtual identity.

Comments or questions posted on the site should be relevant to the mining industry. Should a shared piece of content be considered “off topic”, it could be deleted by the team of moderators.

Illegal, obscene or defamatory content
Content which is of illegal, violent, obscene or discriminatory nature will not be tolerated and will be deleted. To avoid defamation, cite your sources. The source must be easily accessible and available to everyone, either online or otherwise.

Introduction of hyperlinks
The posting of hyperlinks without context is prohibited. We ask our users to provide context for any link that they post in order to make the content interesting for everyone.

Identical posts
Posting of multiple identical messages is forbidden as it adds to platform maintenance and wastes the time of site visitors.

Writing in French or English has a French / English tab allowing users to express themselves in one of these two languages according to whether they are on the French or English side of the platform. Language fragments, ie. text messaging style, are proscribed as is the use of profanity. We would greatly appreciate the use of proper grammar and spelling, as this facilitates reading comprehension and makes the visitor experience more enjoyable.

Overuse of capitalisation
Thank you for not overusing capital letters in questions or messages as this greatly reduces the readability of text on the entire platform.

Respecting copyright of posts
Content posted by users must respect applicable copyright laws.

Protection of privacy
Personal information on other users must not be shared on the platform.

Protection of personal information
The Quebec Mining Association recognizes and appreciates its responsibility as to the safe handling of data obtained through the site and its related platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The purpose of this platform is not to collect information about its users. We do not collect personal information that could serve to identify you.

On the website, the personal information that you provide when registering or that is collected when you connect via other platforms is classified as, “Registration Information”. Your “Registration Information” can be found on secure servers that only staff can access through a password. hosts your personal information via Amazon and thus guarantees, in accordance with Amazon’s security settings, complete confidentiality and a guarantee that your personal information will not be accessible by unauthorized third-parties.

We may use statistical data and consolidated non-identifiable user data to perform trend analysis in order to improve the site. We will not use this data to track individual users on the site. Minalliance compiles and maintains statistics on the number of visitors to its site, dates and pages visited, websites of origin, the type of internet browser you use and the domain name or the internet protocol (IP) address. This information is confidential and is exclusively used by the Quebec Mining Association, internally.

If you have concerns about your privacy or confidentiality on this site, please contact us at

Disclaimer of liability
The information contained on this website, including the “Knowledge Base” and ”Questions and Answers” sections and the blog are provided for educational purposes only. It should in no way be construed as advice and does not constitute offers or solicitations to purchase or sell securities.

The use of any information provided through this website and its associated social networking platforms is entirely at your own risk. Such information is provided as is and as available. The Quebec Mining Association assumes no liability and makes no express or implied warranty as to the accuracy, adequacy or the updating of such information.

The administration and moderators are responsible for enforcing the guidelines set out above. The administration is the decision-making body that interprets the rules and reserves the right to enforce them, if necessary.
Non-compliance will result in the non-posting of submitted questions.
The Quebec Mining Association is not responsible for any damages that may follow non-posted content on the platform.

Assistance with the site
If you need help using the platform, or in case of complaint regarding a decision made by the site administrators or moderators, please contact us by email at